About us

About Us

Georgia Dreamscapes, we are on a mission – to create the absolute best experience for our customers – unlike they’ve ever seen before.

How do we do that?
The secret sauce starts with our team. We hire and not only work with the best craftsman – our team requirement is to be a great person. Our team is built with folks who are obsessed with perfection, stretching existing capabilities, and doing the right thing every time.

We have partnerships with the best manufacturers and suppliers, to deliver the very best materials at competitive pricing – every single time.

Many companies vision starts at the top (such as the owners); our visions starts with our customers and team. We consider our customers to be treated like family and take pride in growing our relationships. Our favorite thing is when we do a job for a customer and years later, for their children and their grandchildren. To us, that is the most rewarding gift – being a trusted partner.


A little bit about our story..

Having worked on many real estate projects, renovations and commercial construction, my father and I realized that the construction industry is filled with over promise, under deliver and contractors who never answer your call after they pick up the check. 

We decided that our shared passion and OCD attitude combined would be a perfect recipe for a “one stop shop” dreamscape business – a business whose identity is delivering the best customer experience – every. single. time! We modeled our business after leaders in their respective industries that focus on customers before profits – some of the most respected companies include Apple, Zappos, Costco, American Express and the Ritz Carlton. With this in mind, Georgia Dreamscapes was formed. 

Our family business, with over 30 years of construction experience, we have combined the best of our skills and capabilities to truly transform the traditional, dull, contractor experiences that everyone has experienced or heard about. At Georgia Dreamscapes, we turn your vision into a reality and deliver a white glove service, that is stress free, end to end. And yes, we answer your calls in a timely manner; and make things right when they should be.

Georgia Dreamscapes was founded with 5 core principles:

1. Treat everyone fairly.

2. Be customer obsessed.

3. Be obsessed with what we do – which is all about creating dreamscapes (because everyone else is just doing landscaping)

4. Lead with honesty & integrity (we must be impeccable with our word)

5. Top quality everything. No substitutes.